Backwoods Smokers

The Chubby

As our smallest and most portable Backwoods Cooker, the Chubby also serves as one of our most versatile offerings in our cooker lineup.

The Backwoods Smoker Chubby can easily be converted into a grill or a BBQ pit by simply removing the stainless water pan.

It has 4 racks 16 1/2 x 15 1/2 inches and comes with two extra sliders for more flexible arrangement of your meat.


The Party

We humbly tend to agree!  The party unit is a great mix of size and portability, giving you the option to use this cooker in competition, or for simple backyard smoking.  It features a replaceable water pan for easy cleaning, as well as turning the smoker into a high capacity grill.

A standard party comes with gasketed doors and latches, non stainless doors, and the new standard smokestack.  Pictured to the left is an upgraded party with stainless doors and a butterfly valve smokestack.  These are options you can add onto the standard party unit.




The Fatboy

This is the cooker that won the Jack Daniels Championship in 2007.  The winner of that contest used ONE Fatboy for all 4 KCBS Categories.

The Fatboy follows the tradition of the Backwoods Smoker line, being a versatile cooker that can be easily transported for competition and catering.

The Fatboy has a commercial fire pan which allows the ash to fall into the catch pan below it.


The Competitor

Built for cooking contests, the Backwoods Competitor melds the need for larger capacities while needing portability for those looking to do catering or compete in the KCBS circuit, or a MIM contest.

The Backwoods Competitor has 8 racks measuring 19 1/2″ square,  spaced 3 inches apart.  The Competitor can handle 16 Boston Butt’s, or 8 full briskets.  It can hold 21 slabs of St Louis Style ribs with all the racks inside of it.

The standard Backwoods Competitor comes with stainless doors and latches, the new low profile smoke stack, non removable water pan and splatter guard.




The Pro Junior 

Customer feedback is one of the most valuable things we have at Backwoods Smoker.  Through the years of serving you, we heard it when you suggested to create a model between the Competitor and Professional model cookers.  We listened, and created the Pro Junior!

We took our Professional cooker and cut down on the size to give people more mobility when transporting this unit.  The weight of the Pro Junior is 675 LBS.  The standard Pro Junior comes with Stainless doors, latches, and slider valve to open and close the butterfly valve on the top of the cooker.