Our History

Founder Jerry Craft

In the autumn of 1954, 25-year old, Jerry Craft developed a unique way to identify customers for his nestling propane gas business. Craft would go down the road knocking on doors. When he ran into a woodpile in someone’s yard he would stop “to pitch a propane heating system to a family weary of lugging firewood into and ashes out if their home.

He began his business in the former feed room of his General Store at Bono, AR on Independence Day of 1954 with three customers– His Dad, his Brother, and his Uncle. Three months later Craft moved his business to Jonesboro to take advantage of a larger market. FIve days later came the birth of son Rohn Craft, who now owns half the business and administrates its day-to-day operations. As, a third Generation family, Rohn’s two sons, Drew, & Jesse Craft also administrates the Day-to-Day Operations of Craft Propane…..


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