Since 1954

Offering Propane to Agricultural, Residential, and Commercial Clients

Our History

In the Fall of 1954, Mr. Jerry Craft decided he would begin his long-time Propane Company in the back of his Uncle’s General Store, which was originally located in Bono, AR. Jerry would walk the old gravel roads with a new style of heat for the citizens. He would carry a propane heater & propane until he came across someone with a wood pile in their yard, then he would pitch his sale to anyone that may be interested in buying a cleaner & less laborious form of heat for their homes. He later moved from Bono to his new store, which is headquartered in Jonesboro, AR currently. Jerry Craft believed success is all about Customer Service & how you treat your customers is the most reward anyone could ever ask for, with Craft Propane being in business for over 66 years now.