Comprehensive Propane Solutions for Different Industries

Craft Propane, Inc specializes in propane supply, safety, and service. We are an ideal propane supplier and serving agricultural, residential, and commercial clients for over 69 years.

Craft Propane, Inc


Propane has been used in American agriculture for over a century, with approximately 40 percent of rural Americans relying on it for farming solutions. It is also used by over 50 percent of rural households for various applications. Propane's benefits include easy storage, engine cleanliness, and reduced maintenance needs. It is known for its lower greenhouse gas emissions compared to gasoline and diesel, making it an environmentally friendly choice.

Agri Units

Propane offers cost advantages in agricultural settings, with lower upfront costs for propane-powered engines compared to diesel engines of similar power. Farmers can save 40 percent or more on fuel costs when using propane instead of diesel. Propane-powered engines also provide more horsepower per unit compared to natural gas, delivering greater efficiency and value.

Testing Center

Propane's unique attributes make it an attractive energy source for farmers facing increasing pressure to reduce costs, boost productivity, and comply with stricter environmental regulations. As environmental concerns grow, farmers are turning to energy sources that can meet their agricultural needs effectively.


Craft Propane, Inc, the oldest family-owned propane company in Craighead County, Arkansas, offers reliable commercial services to local businesses. Propane finds various commercial uses, including heating, cooking, forklift services, and fueling heavy equipment. Craft Propane, Inc takes pride in being a local company that cares for the needs of local businesses.

Craft Propane, Inc
Craft Propane, Inc

Construction Heaters

Craft Propane, Inc supplies commercial propane heaters to ensure optimal performance and warmth in various industries. Whether it's air or water heating for warehouses or large commercial spaces, propane is a versatile solution for heating needs in commercial settings.

Forklift Exchange Program

Craft Propane, Inc provides propane cylinders and cylinder exchange services to businesses in Northeast Arkansas. Propane-powered forklifts offer an economical and efficient solution for material handling needs. With a large number of propane forklifts already in use across the United States, businesses prefer propane as a power source for their material handling operations.

Craft Propane, Inc
Craft Propane, Inc


Craft Propane, Inc is a locally owned and operated company, that serves hundreds of homes and businesses in Northeast Arkansas. They prioritize exceptional service, fair pricing, and safety. Craft Propane, Inc's trained and experienced employees handle safe installations, deliveries, propane tank installations, system maintenance, leak checks, and appliance conversions to propane.

Propane is a safe and efficient fuel when handled properly, and Craft Propane, Inc ensures customer satisfaction. Connect with us today for more information.